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is pass a spending bill to hopefully head off a government shutdown but that would give the pentagon some more things to implement these cuts. i do think that one thing to look for and one thing is that a lot of people said it's not going to be immediate. there was a build-up by the obama administration to say that this deadline march 1, but these furloughs have to be given at least 30 days notice. a lot of pentagon employees have to have a 60-day notice. it's going to be mid april and beyond. that's when we will start to see job losses, long lines at airports. that's when you're going to see some renewed pressure on members of congress to take a more serious look at what these cuts are doing. gwen: is there an incentive for the president and congress to get this figured out? they were hoping for a million in the beginning of these discussions? >> yeah, we've taken a deep breath partly out of exhaustion, political exhaustion from the fiscal cliff, this crisis, that crisis. and the sense that i get from talking to members of congress and both parties is that they would like to take a step
kelly. >> that is the way my 16-year-old daughter drives. i'm gregg in for shepard smith. pentagon is taking north korea's threats very seriously. u.s. militar now beefing up a missile defense system after regime warned it is ready to wipe out washington. details straight ahead. an eyewitness testifying at high school football players accused of raping a passed out drunk girl during a night of big time partying. if you thought that jodi arias murder trial couldn't get weirder, wait until you see interrogation video that just surfaced. head stands. unless breaking news changes everything on studio "b". >> gregg: first. any minute we do expected the defense secretary to announce the pentagon's plan to in the growing nuclear threat of north korea. sources saying the defense is thet s tote deploy 14 ground missile interceptors at silos in california and alaska. pentagon halted the build-up you may recall back in 2009, but just one week ago north korea vowed to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the united states. obama administration officials telling fox news the rogue nation
news alert, the pentagon now beefing up defense along the west coast after reports that north korea test fired two short-range missiles, stoking nuclear tensions with that nation even further. military officials from the south today saying that north korea fired those missiles over water. these are pictures of the launch last year. today's launch app in response to ongoing drills by the united states and south korea. the pentagon says this only heightens the nuclear threat. coming up we are going to have the latest news from the pentagon and a discussion with a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. but first, we are awaiting a speech by one of the most outspoken critics of obama's health care law and momentarily he'll be addressing this year's conservative political action conference cpac as it's known. hello, everyone, glad you're with us, i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> thanks for joining us, i'm hell they are childress. and america's most influential conservatives, and speaking michele bachmann, take a look at her live there.
.h.p. is headed to the scene there. kristen and eric? >> the pentagon is investigating the cause of a helicopter crash that killed five u.s. troops in afghanistan. the military says that clear went -- that the chopper went down yesterday. a spokesman says there was no enemy activity in the area at the time it went down. >> growing list of congressional leaders want the pentagon to reconsider a new medal created for cyber warriors and drone pilots. the two top members of the senate armed services committee the latest to ask the pentagon to lower the rank of the distinguished warfare medal which ranks ahead of the bronze star and purple heart in importance. the senators say the medal sends the wrong message to soldier whose served in actual combat. >> two workers at a southern california company that launched spacecraft for the u.s. government are involving from an electrical explosion. the accident happened over the weekend in ventura county. they worked on a delta four rocket and a flash occurred when electronic current leaves its path and travels through the air to another conductor. both worke
north korea. a surprise announcement today by the pentagon has a lot of people asking if a nuclear attack could really reach the west coast of the u.s. >>> taking a stand. a prominent republican stuns his own party. now supports same-sex marriage as mitt romney reemerges on the national stage tod. part of a big fight over the future of the gop. >>> new rules on the road to retirement. americans, of course, are living longer and burning through their savings at an increasingly rapid rate. tonight the new formula to make that money last. >>> and the fighting irish fighting back after a big storm tore through their neighborhood. they're getting the old band back together just in time to celebrate. back together just in time to celebrate. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we don't know why now or why today, but late today at the pentagon the defense secretary, chuck hagel, made an announcement that sounded like something more from the height of the cold war than mid-march of 2013. the u.s. is bolstering nuclear missile defenses i
from north korea. the pentagon says it will spend a billion dollars to ramp up america's missile defense. but will it work? here's chris lawrence. >> fred, the pentagon plans to spend up to a billion dollars to beef up its missile defense system, but the big question is, will these missiles actually work? if a nuclear missile is ever fired at the united states, this is the best hope to stop it. 30 interaccept sor missiles which will be launched from ground silos in alaska and california. now the pentagon is deploying up to 14 more. >> the reason that we're doing what we're doing, and the reason we're advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances, is to stay ahead of the threat. >> reporter: north korea tested a long-range missile in december. it conducted its third nuclear test in february. and just this month, it threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. that caught the pentagon's attention. >> north korea's shrill public pronouncements underscore the need for the u.s. to continue to take prudent steps to defeat any future north korean icbm
's threats of a nuclear attack very seriously. the pentagon has just announced it will beef up america's defense missile systems out on the west coast. in california, oregon, washington state. let's go straight to cnn's pentagon correspondent chris lawrence, watching what's going on. chris, a lot of us are stunned by this decision but update us on what is going on. >> wolf, we just came out of a briefing where we learned the pentagon is going to spend a billion dollars to put new intercepter missiles on the west coast. now, that plan includes react investigating a missile field that the obama administration deactivated just a few years ago when it concluded that north korea didn't pose enough of a threat. if a nuclear missile is ever fired at the united states, this is the best hope to stop it. 30 interceptor missiles which can be launched from ground silos in alaska and california. now the pentagon is deploying up to 14 more. >> the reason we're doing what we're doing and the reason we're advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances is to stay ahead of t
of hacking attacks against a range of american industries. the pentagon's now forming more than a dozen different teams to guard this nation in cyberspace. >>> computer attacks were in the news today on another front. the fbi and secret service among others are investigating some very high-profile cases of identity theft, something that millions of americans go through and can relate to. these latest cases purportedly involving first lady michelle obama, the vice president, among others. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams following that for us tonight from our d.c. newsroom. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. there's only so much we can all do to protect ourselves from identity theft, but this latest intrusion shows that even the most careful consumers can be vulnerable if data from an especially comprehensive website is not secure. the scene of the crime is this website apparently based in russia that posts some prominent names and their personal financial information. among the targets, the first lady, michelle obama, vice president biden, the fbi director an
. at the pentagon defense secretary chuck hagel warned it's north korea's long-range missiles that have sounded the alarm. >> but north korea in particular has recently made advances in its capabilities and has engaged in a series of irresponsible and reckless provocation. >> reporter: to counter the growing threat from north korea, the u.s. military will bolster the missile defense system in alaska by 50%, adding 14 interceptor missiles at fort greeley designed to intercept and destroy missiles aimed at the continental u.s. the u.s. military will also install an additional high-powered radar in japan to improve early warning capabilities. but why the deep concern now? remarkably, it ramped up last april during this military parade through the streets of pyongyang. u.s. intelligence was shocked to see what appeared to be long-range ballistic missiles that can be fired from mobile launchers with the capability of reaching the u.s. armed with a nuclear warhead. >> obviously without getting into intelligence aspects we watched this evolving threat very, very closely. >> reporter: the latest threat
forcing a change in u.s. national security. the pentagon announced a major expansion in missile defense. >> new defense secretary chuck hagel made the announcement to put more interceptor missiles along the west coast. chris lawrence has more. >> reporter: susan, joe, the pentagon plans to spend up to $1 billion to beef up its civil defense but the big question is, will the missiles actually work? if a nuclear missile is ever fired at the united states, this is the best hope to stop it, 30 interceptor missiles which can be launched from ground sigh lows in alaska and california. now the pentagon is deploying up to 14 more. >> the reason we're doing what we're doing and the reason we're advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances, is to stay ahead of the theret. >> reporter: north korea tested a long range missile in december, it conducted its third nuclear test in february, and just this month, threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. that caught the pentagon's attention. >> north korea's shrill public pronouncements underscore the need for the
's a direct threat to south korea. >> but here in the u.s. the pentagon is more concerned with what north korea can do with its long-range missiles and that led chuck hagel to talk about missile defense along the west coast. and joining me now is cnn contributor general james morse. how are you doing? >> doing good. how are you? >> first question for the audience, how real is the threat of long-range korean missile strikes on the u.s. west coast? >> joe, the answer -- the short answer is its real. the issue is it still needs to be more fully developed. the challenge that we have in the united states and certainly our intelligence communities' biggest challenge is to make sure that we are not surprised by the development taking place in north korea. we have a vigilant look in north korea, and the problem is we are not there and we have to figure it out based on observations and as you know north korea is extremely isolated and wraps it self in a cloak of obscurization. and the secretary of defense said we are not going to be surprised by not being ready if and when north korea can weaponiz
to a better night's sleep ♪ >> a fox urgent now. the pentagon apparently taking seriously north korea's threat of nuclear war. sources have just confirmed to fox news the military is beefing up the nation's missile defenses. congressional sources are telling us the pentagon is ready to deploy 14 new missile interceptors at silos in both alaska and california. those interceptors are designed to stop inter-continental missiles. president obama stopped deployment of additional reenforcements when he took office you may remember back in 2009. now administration officials are saying they've reconsidered, in the wake of those escalating threats from north korea. last week north korea officials vowed to bring it to washington after the tough economic punishments. and now move to the persian gulf where an iranian fighter vet approached a u.s. drone in the skies above the gulf according to the pentagon. defense officials say it got within 16 miles of the unarmed drone while it was conducting a classified surveillance flight over international waters on tuesday, but what of the two u.s. militar
korea prompt the u.s. to beef up the missile defense city. pentagon adding 14 new missile interceptor on the west coast. martha on how real the north korean threat is. today more provocation. 2 short range missiles launched but it is the unexpectedly quick advances that north korea and the young leader kim have made in recent month. newshawk test. long range missile launches and this apparently new road mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that has convinced the pentagon that protective measures must be dr. matcly increased. >> reason we are in inconveniencing our program here homeland security is to not take any chances. is to stay ahead of the threat. >>reporter: there will be 14 new missile interceptor added to the 30 already deployed. interceptor are designed to doe text a launch with satellite and radar. if an ep enemy launch is detected dozens of intercepttors fired from california and alaska. >> this young lad ought to be deterred by that. if in the we'll be ready. >> pentagon made mostly clear today that north korea mobile icbm has the range to reach the u.s. whi
and california, and now the pentagon deploying up to 14 more. >> the reason we are doing what we are doing, and the reason we are advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances and stay ahead of the throat. >> north korea tested a long-range missile in december and conducted the third nuke clear test in february and just this month threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s., and that caught the pentagon's attention. >> it underscored the need to continue to take prudent steps to prevent any attack. >> strengthen our own missile defense and lead the world in taking actions to these threats. >> but they say the president's actions has been anything but firm. t the intel didn't change. this is right where we expected north korea to be, and that's in possession of a missile that could travel nearly 5,000 miles in theory, and since north korea has never launched an ibcm. >> nobody is going to be intimidated by the december launch and the nuclear test. >> the pentagon is testing a new missile and won't buy the additional 14 until officials are sure they can p
as the pentagon prepares to beef up missile defenses in threats of new war with the north korean regime. the missiles landed in the sea of japan. >> kelly: we have seen north korea's rhetoric escalating in the last few months. in october of last year you'll recall days after south korea and u.s. unveiled a new missile deal, north korea warned it had miles that can hit the u.s. mainland. in december last year a rocket launch put a sat lied into orbit after a similar launch in april failed. they called it a ban on north korean north korean missile tests and triggered sanctions. dismissing the sanctions, north korea confirmed it planned to weighed a third nuclear test. just last month an underground explosion at one of north korean test site was detected. it's important to keep in mind that north korea spent an enormous amount on the budget while two-thirds thirdz. country has trouble finding food to a eat. we'll have much more on the growing threat from north korea and look where it might be targeting the weapons a little later in the show. >> jamie: new controversy that is erupting over
that has convinced the pentagon that protective measures must be dramatically increased. >> the reason we're advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances, is to stay ahead of the threat. >> reporter: there will be 14 new missile interceptors added to the 30 already deployed. the interceptors are designed to detect a launch with satellites and radars. if an enemy launch is detected, dozens of interceptors can be fired from california and alaska. >> this young lad ought to be deterred by that. and if he's not, we'll be ready. >> reporter: and the pentagon made clear today that north korea's mobile icbm has the range to reach the u.s. while those interceptors can potentially track and destroy enemy missiles long before they ever hit their target, the system is far from foolproof. >> we've never had a test against the kinds of missiles that north korea would shoot at us. so, the only way we're going to find out is in a real world scenario. >> reporter: officials at the pentagon acknowledge there have been mixed results in some of the tests on the interceptors, b
attention is that they believed that the interaction they had in the pentagon, with the pentagon, that they believed they had a world-class ability to share information. they are a defense contractor, so that is a natural partnership, that there was a good collaborative model. one of the worries i have had, in thinking about this -- i am new to this committee, and learning. i know there has been a lot of work done by others, and i certainly want to understand that work. as i look at the gao report that was issued, i appreciate the work you did on that. you talk about information sharing difficulties in dhs. we have been talking about some of the concerns we have about dhs's capabilities. are we trying to use any models from the pentagon? also, it worries me that we are going to have to replicate something that apparently, in the pentagon, we are doing fairly effectively. how do we take those lessons? can dhs get to a point where it is, frankly, as effective as some of the work being done at the pentagon? >> that is an excellent question. indeed, the pilot progr
expenditures in excess of $16 billion. so you have this massive need for energy at the pentagon, really a thirst for energy at the pentagon, and fluctuations in global energy prices have in effect enormous effects on defense spending. every $10 increase in a barrel of oil costs the american military annually an extra $1.3 billion. now, for some time there has been a recognition among military experts and some are in the president's home state, massachusetts, where they have spent a lot of time looking at these issues, and there's been a recognition that the military, particularly the pentagon, is exactly the place where we ought to be looking for fresh, innovative approaches in order to cut energy use and find alternative sources. now, for the life of me i cannot figure out how somehow this effort by the pentagon -- let me repeat, by our country's, you know, military -- has somehow been con flated into some kind of green plot, some kind of plot by those who are obsessed with green energy and are simply interested in promoting programs to satisfy their ideological spung interest. -- you
after growing threats from north korea. the pentagon is resuming implementation of the missile defense shield it stopped in 2009, days after the north threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against the u.s. some lawmakers say the deployment of 14 additional intercepters never should have been canceled and has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live for us now in washington. mike, what have we learned about the action the u.s. is taking in response to those north korean krets? >> reporter: good morning, fox news has learned the pentagon is set to deploy 14 additional ground-base interest centers at missile silos in alaskan california according to congressional sources and u.s. officials. that would bring the total to 44. undersecretary of defense for policy james miller hinted at the decision in a speech to the atlantic council on tuesday saying the public announcements are the cause for this. they have called north korea an evolving threat and here is the pentagon's take from earlier this week. >> working closely wit
hits a car in a building and it was deadly and pentagon making moves in response to the latest north korean threat. >> american people expect us to take every necessary step to protect our security at home. >> after the communist regime threatened all out war and prompted to preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. mainland, more than a dozen new missile interceptors now set to deploy in alaska, major developments in the military standoff with north korea. plus, carnival cruise ship catastrophe, another one since yesterday. carnival legend limping back to tampa one day after the dream broke down in the caribbean and month after the triumph debacle. damage control on the high seas. and... the woman who admits to shooting her boyfriend and stabbing him 27 times and cutting his throat as you have never seen her before. how jodi arias passed the time in a police interrogation room. >> i'm in for shepard smith. a threat of nuclear attack is growing faster than we expected, pentagon officials is beefing up america's missile system. chuck hagel says they are adding 15 new ground base missiles
increases or pentagon cuts. he will curb spending by 5 trillion overton years. he wants to raise the annual federal deficit. guess what, democrats are quite different. they see increased taxes on upper-income households and corporations. they're not even addressing a balanced budget. is this a tale of what is wrong in washington? these two visions are so completely different of bread the country should go. >> welcome made shows you how far apart the two parties are. i salute paul ryan for wanting to balance the budget because most people don't understand that if we don't bring down our debt we are enduring economic growth >> well, shows you how far apart at the same time my derecognized that part of the budget requires it repealing obamacare which will happen. patty murray on the other hand is just trying to get 51 votes because essentially she wants to pass this budget so president obama can turn the spotlight on house republicans and work him over on taxes. gerri: quickly. >> the news every democratic vote. keep an eye on the red state democrats energy rich states divvied up for reelectio
not an auspicious first trip as pentagon chief. i also want to ask you about a controversial decision the administration has brought up abu gaith, the son-in-law of osama bin laden after he was taken in an interesting way by the fbi and the c.i.a. in jordan after kurky extradited him to jordan and on his way to kuwait and he ended up in our hands in new york city. the argument from the administration is that he was talking them and giving them useful information, even after he was given his miranda rights and there's no reason why he cannot safely be prosecuted in lower manhattan where we, you know, prosecuted and convicted the blind sheikh. what are your objections? >> let me put it to the administration and our intelligence, the counterterrorism forces for making this apprehension, it's very important, very significant, i commend them for it. i do disagree with the decision not to treat him as an enemy combatant and not to try him in a military commission. not that i'm not worried about the conviction, i think he will be convicted. i think the security threats in lower manhattan are
a firestorm on the hill. claire mccaskill going to hold hearings. she's been meeting at the pentagon. there's legislation. kelly, is this going to lead to real change. we'll be talking to jean shaheen about this tomorrow. >> i've been talking to senator kirsten gillen brand about this. they have a hearing set for tomorrow. there's outrage at how the military has handled this. they believe it is harmful it attracting women to the services, they believe that women who go in good faith to serve their country are subjected to dangers, when they report those cases, are further victimized, in the descriptions of people i've been talking to. so there is real concern that something needs to be done about this. there's a fire in the belly moment here for some of especially the women legislators who want to see some change. >> and you're an attorney, the fact that an air force general could overrule a jury's verdict, hard enough to get a verdict. you know, in a rape case and all-male jury, is the case. >> a unanimous. >> a unanimous all-male jury finds this person guilty and now the service member is
very vigorously, and certainly not bied pentagon. >> men can care about this issue, too, but the women senators and women representatives are really the ones who have driven this. one of the things that's striking is listening to the report about the vatican's problems and the church's problems dealing with this. it's very parallel. you have another hierarchy that's had great difficulty dealing with seriously a problem on its hands that has preferred to ignore it rather than take the necessary steps. watches this testimony today from the service men and women was really wrenching when you hear about 18-year-olds being raped by the people they're supposed to be reporting to. the pentagon, leon panetta deserves credit for having started to tackle this. secretary hagel really needs to make sure that there are ways within the chain of command, or around the chain of command, understanding that the military is a unique institution like the church, to figure out how to prevent this from happening. >> well, very often to report an assault you had to report your supervisor or the person who is
from the pentagon right after this. i know what you're thinking... transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business. >>> all right. welcome back. this just in to cnn. we've learned that in about two hours from now defense secretary chuck hagel is expected to announce that the pentagon is beefing up its ability to defend the united states from a nuclear attack by north korea. cnn's chris lawrence joined me live now from the pentagon. chris, what more can you tell us about this expected announcement in about the 3:00 eastern hour? >> that's right, fred. it's going to come in little over an hour. and officials are telling us that secretary hagel is likely to announce that the u.s. will deploy up to 14 addi
. the pentagon says it will spend a billion dollars to beef up the missile defense system along the west coast. here is now from our correspondent. >> the north korean leader revealed his troops during military kper sizes but at the pentagon hagel warned it is missiles that sounded the alarm? north korea in particular recently made advances and engaged in a serious of irresponsible and reckless provocatio provocations. >> 20 counter of u.s. military will stolester the missile defense system in alaska by 14% adding at forth fwrooely designed top destroy missiles aimed at the u.s. and will also install a high power radar in japan to groove early warning capability. why the concern now? it rarped up last april during this military pa reside. u.s. intelligence was shocked to see what appeared to be long range ballistic missiles that can be fired from mobile launchers with a capability of reaches the u.s. armed with a nuclear warhead. >> we watched this evolving threat very closely. >> they launched a satellite into space last september and conducted a test last month. >> they still have a couple t
that -- that the pentagon doesn't seem to take this very seriously and is not doing a lot about it. the senator from new york has been active on the same issue, senator barbara boxer has for years too by way, and senator jillibrand convened a hearing yesterday looking into this very issue, and focusing on the fact that in the year 2010 alone there were 19,000 cases of sexual assault mainly, of course, men taking advantage of women in the military and she had this -- if you saw any video of it, this panel of lawyers from the pentagon all men, all in their dress uniforms sitting in front of her who insists that this -- everything was under control, under the discipline and order of the military. she finds that hard to believe. >> i don't know how you can say that having 19,000 sexual assaults and rapes a year is discipline and order. i do not understand how you can say that of those 19,000 cases to only have approximately 2400 even reported because the victims tell us they are afraid to report because of retaliation is discipline and order, and i really can't understand how 2400 c
korea. fox news concerned the pentagon will deploy 15 ground based interceptors in alaska as well as california. it comes as north korea released photos of a life drill. president obama halted their deployment when he took office. the reversal means the obama administration wasted money. >>> a lighting truck which held heavy light fixtures and large led screens fell as workers hoisted it up and fell 30 feet. >> one just caught by debris and one guy who witnessed the whole thing was traumatized. >> two men were rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. another was hurt but not seriously. the festival will go on as scheduled. >> three strikes now against carnival. this morning a third shift carnival legend having engine trouble. this is the second ship in the caribbean within 24-hours to run into problems. just yesterday the carnival dream was stranded at a port in saint martin after a generator malfunctioned. thousands of those passengers flying home today. you remember the nightmare last night an engine fire crippling the triumph and stranding people without power. >>
,4,3,2,1. if there's ever a missile attack on the u=s, this is our best hope to stop it. the pentagon calls it ground-based mid-course defense. and after the latest nuclear threat from north korea, it is being expanded on the west coast. >> the reason we are advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances, is to stay ahead of the threat. north korea launched a long range missile in december. it conducted its third nuclear test last month. and new leader king jong un, has certainly revved up his anti-american rhetoric, but north korea is believed to be years away from even testing a missile with the 5=thousand mile range needed to reach the u=s. the u=s has 30 of the missiles deployed on the west coast, four at vandenberg air force base in california, and the rest at fort greely, near fairbanks, alaska. now the pentagon is adding fourteen more. that will take as long as four years and an extra one=billion dollars. and some critics say it will offer no more protection than the advice given to america's school children in the 1950s. >> duck. and cover. >> duck. and cover. one
that there is a lot of room in the pentagon, even in health care, to find savings through efficiencies. we've let things get out of control in terms of the way they are run. if we focus on trying to make things run better, we can save billions of dollars in health care,er with save billions of dollars in the pentagon and we can have a common direction towards trying to bring down the debt and the deficit. >> congressman, does this mean, though, that congressman ryan's plan is not a serious one? someone who has been considered to be the budget hawk of the right, is this supposed to be disseminated and considered to be serious at a time where they want to go back and relitigate obama care? >> no. it is not serious. i mean when this has no chance of passage in the congress altogether and it has no chance of being signed by the president. to sign it, the president would essentially be saying that mitt romney won the election. that has absolutely no prospect of being passed. so he's doing this, i would think, because this is what is going to make his tea party folks happy in the house. they can probab
is alex witt. >>> surprise move. the pentagon beefs up security on the u.s. homeland in response to a growing nuclear threat from north korea. >>> meet the press. the new pope faces about 5,000 journalists at a news conference today. even though he wasn't expected to speak. >>> trouble on the high seas. again. another carnival cruise ship encounters problems on two different trips in the past few days. >>> the shock announcement from a leading gop figure. how is his support for gay marriage playing in today's big conservative conference? good morning, everyone and welcome to "weekends with alex witt." let's get to what's happening right now. in a surprise move the pentagon is beefing up u.s. missile defense systems in response to north korea's latest threat. defense secretary chuck hagel hinted north korea had made faster than expected progress on nuclear weapons and missiles. joining me now live from the white house, nbc's kristen welker. a very sobering good saturday morning to you. what's the latest we know about this? >> alex, that's right. it is a sober saturday morning for
closer at the pentagon and here again, this notion that the president has no choice, he's just got to cut across the board, that is where the leadership issue that tom brokaw was complaining about really manifests itself. he can make this less painful. >> the other thing, it shouldn't have been a mystery, if the press had gone and talked to some of the government unions, no way they can be fired or furloughed immediately, it's going to take months and even if you agree with kirsten there's long-term harmful effect, no way it was going to happen on the time frame, immediately within weeks of the sequester. >> jon: coming up next on news watch, the media gush over a dictator who is now dead. >> hugo chavez dies and the liberal media praised the dictator as a hero of the people, dismissing the demagogues's dark side and dennis rodman visits north korea, what role did the media play in this embarrassing escapade? find out next on news watch. n, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust m
wants the pentagon to take another look at the new distinguished warfare medal. it honors remote pilots of predator drones who never see battle. currently the medal is ranked higher than combat awards like the purple heart and bronze star. members of congressional black caucus are lashing out at president obama and what they call his lack of diversity among cabinet members. the group's chair, congresswoman marcia fudge, points out since mr. obama's first term, the cabinet has lost 2 of 4 afric african-americans and both cabinet members. five spots remain open. the white house saying president obama is deeply committed to diversity. >>> a manhunt under way in washington state for a suspect who's accused of a double murder just after being released from prison. police say michael chad boyson killed his grandparents shortly after they threw him a welcome-home party. >>> also in washington, all three crew members aboard a military plane died when their jet crashed monday morning. the ea-6b prowler was engaged in a low-level navigation training missions. >>> in one of the largest studies of
in the works that would change that. pentagon officials admit a review of military law is needed. >> there is something that seems odd about the power to reject findings that came out of a jury. >> congresswoman jackie spear is praise thing new legislation. she's been a big critic of the military's handling of sex assault cases. the killer was accused of rape twice in the military, but he was discharged from the military instead of prison. if military law had been different, the shooter might still have been in prison. >>> today, the dow closed in positive territory, marking the longest winning streak in 16 years. the dow finished up for the ninth straight day. take a look at the numbers. the dow up just five points but enough to set a record. the nasdaq and s&p also lineup. retail stocks jumped on a report of increase in consumer spending. >>> police are looking for two people accused of beating a woman and stealing her purse. these are pictures of the two suspects. they got off at the race street station. the female suspect, described as hispanic in her 20s, punched and kicked
, as well as working on the pentagon and many of the same facilities in the city of new york, where dvs has addressed general security issues. they have focused on blast and force protection on those facilities. also as part of the peer review and consulting team to tjpa is code consultants ink. cci, and they focus particularly on fire protection and fire life safety issues and were extensively involved in the peer review of the bus fire and train fire scenarios, designed basis fire, designations. in addition to cci, we do have a two-person fire design peer review panel that was selected by the san francisco fire department to provide them with expert advice on the smoke analysis being performed at the station, particularly the comp utation, fluid analysis of how the smoke would be propagated and behave over time in the event of a bus or a train fire. also it is significant to note that we have the structural and seismic review committee that has been working with the tjpa and the department of building inspection since the beginning of the project, looking at the structural performance of
in the pentagon of people using their phones while behind the wheel. >> million taxpayers are missing out on federal tax refunds and time is running out to claim the money. the i.r.s. is holding $917 million in unclaimed tax refunds from 2009. if you forgot do file a return you could be entitled to part of the money. half the refunds are worth over $500 but you have to file by april 15 or the money goes back to the treasury for good l -- there is no easy way to find out if you have money. many low onincome taxpayers and are not required to file a tax return. >> the nation's largest community college fights for its survival. the major deadline looming today for san francisco city college. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hope there is an extra people in your step because it is friday. thanks for joining us. >> we will find out if the weather is contributing to the pep in your step. >> i hope so. there is no rain on live doppler 7 hd showing dry conditions. check out our visibility, nine miles at half moon bay and santa rosa and everyone else is unlimited with
hope to stop it. the pentagon calls it ground-based mid-course defense. and after the latest nuclear threat from north korea, it is being expanded on the west coast. it's a new sign that the obama administration is taking those threats seriously. grant lodes is here to show us how the missile defense system is supposed to work. and why some people think it won't. grant? >> the idea is to intercept incoming warheads in space, before they re=enter the atmosphere. thirty of the missiles are currently deployed, four at vandenberg air force base in california, and the rest at fort greely, near fairbanks, alaska. today defense secretary chuck hagel says fourteen more missiles will be addied in the next few years. we do not want to take any chances and to stay ahead of the threat. if there is ever a missile attack on the u=s, this is what is supposed to stop it. the pentagon calls it ground-based midcourse defense, designed to intercept incoming warheads in space, before they re=enter the atmosphere. thirty of the missiles are currently deployed, four at vandenberg air force base in califor
'm ken bastida. the billion dollar move is the pentagon's response to threats from north korea. but allen martin explains, the defense system has a history of missing the mark. >> whether presiding over a live fire exercise or declaring null and void the decades old truce with the south, north korea's new and young leader is nothing, if not belligerent. add to that nuclear tests conducted, and the december launch of a missile capable boosting a satellite into orbit, hagel has to take him seriously. >> recently made advances in capabilities and engaged in a series of irresponsible and reckless provocations. >> 14 intersect missiles will be added to the 30 already based in alaska and california. the cost, $1 billion. how much added security that will buy is subject to debate. since the intercepters have an uneven test record. >> the reason we are advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances. is to stay ahead of the threat. >> u.s. intelligence does not believe north korea yet has a nuclear missile capable of reaching the u.s., but the site of this ballist
experience with federal laboratories, courthouses embassies, as well as working on the pentagon and many of the same facilities in the city of new york, where dvs has addressed general security issues. they have focused on blast and force protection on those facilities. also as part of the peer review and consulting team to tjpa is code consultants ink. cci, and they focus particularly on fire protection and fire life sa
is bolstering its defense system. the pentagon will spend a billion dollars to deploy the additional interceptors in alaska. officials want to act soon because they do believe that north korea is further along in its nuclear program than first thought and that north korean leader is engaging in more threatening acts. it will take us three years to install that missile defense system. >> two russian koz mo naughts are safely back on earth after five months in orbit. they landed in kaz ak stan at exactly 8:11 p.m. tonight. they were supposed to arrive back at earth yesterday, but freezing weather and fog traveled nearly 61 million miles. >>> well, is it bad blood or just a friendly, bay-area robbery? while the silicon valley is still the gold standard, some other local cities are gaining ground. here is kimberly perry from oakland. >> reporter: and the program director of dbl investors should know. the san francisco-based venture capital firm is backing five oakland tech companies and hopes to find others to invest in. >> the more that we see oakland in a positive light, the more compa
, the pentagon expanding the missile defense on the west coast. defense secretary chuck hagel says they could spend $1 billion on the expansion. north korea test fired two short-range missiles this morning. >>> number two, lil wayne recovering after having a seizure. lil wayne tweeted last night saying i am good, everybody, thanks for the prayers and love. his friends and fellow rapper drake came to visit him and set up a vigil outside of his hospital room. >>> and number three the most influential celebrity of the year is oprah. the 59-year-old beat out big names like spielberg and clint eastwood. and they rated oprah winfrey as influential, and that was down one point from last year. >>> and then some of the stri strictest abortion bills in the nation if signed into law. one bill bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected, which is after a few weeks. another bill bans abortions on the basis of gender or genetic defects. >>> sarah palin the main attraction at the conservative action conference today. palin is expected to talk about the failures of 2012 and the way republicans need to move
firing two short range missilings. the pentagon said they plan to deploy more ground base interceptors like these. today's launch in response to routine military drills. consumer confidence down as cons prices go up on everything. food, gas and tickets and legal fees and even the cost to prepare your taxings. the index showing the biggest monthly gain in four years. but the government is saying forget about it. inflation is not a problem, john, is it? >> yes, absolutely. these guys are whistling pass want grave yard as they are doing with everything else on the agenda. corn prices doubled in the past few years and gasolines are high . people are having a struggle out there and the fed at zero interest, there is no ability to absorb a systemic shock. you have the problem of promise having to raise rates because of inflation into a recession. these guys are whistling past the grave yard and it is not a good thing for america. >> gary is not whistling but laughing, why? >> again, in falms - falls into the blackhawk helicopter conspiracy theory. you look at the numbers and year to year inf
at the top stories now. the pentagon is taking nuclear threats from north korea so seriously that it is ramping up missile defense on the west coast. reports say north korea test fired two short range missiles into the waters this past week. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says he wants to make it clear they stand firm against aggression. he says 14 extra missile defenses will be up and running by 2017. >> the reason that we're doing what we're doing and the reason that we're advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances, to stay ahead of the threat. to ensure any contingency and that's why we made the decision we have. >> i will talk to a security expert that will break down the latest threat and the u.s. response. two teenaged girls took the stand for the defense in the rape trial of two high school football stars in steubenville, ohio. the alleged rain of a 26-year-old girl happened last august during a full night of partying. one girl said the victim was drunk and uncooperative during a night of partying in august. she says she refused to
in response to threat business north korea. the tests of technology. the pentagon is increasing the number of interceptors on the coast of california and alaska from 30 to 44. the new interceptors are scheduled to be deployed by 2017. lawmakers in maryland passed a measure banning capital punishment. maryland's general assembly approved the bill. maryland's governor is expected to sign it. the supports of the bill argue that it's costly, racially biased and a poor deter ant to crime. >>> before you couldn't assume this weekend, consider this is the $16,000 beer and that doesn't include the ride in the back of the car. >>> back here in 10 minute, how long will it be for your saturday and sunday. what you can expect this weekend. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed
into the problem that the red cross couldn't respond in a timely fashion to the challenges of 9/11. the pentagon bombing was within miles of the 24-hour headquartered crisis. but they still couldn't get the resources to the pentagon in time. so she said we need to rebuild the infrastructure of the american red cross and had an opportunity because money poured in. half a million dollars came into liberty fund to help the victims of 9/11 and as awful as it was, for what the red cross does in terms of assistance to victims there's a lot of money left over i can't help the victims more but i can help the next and in thinking about the future was being fired because the way people perceive the donations come it's as you know called the rule of rescue. i see some victims' it's hard to imagine the next. >> i think that we see a lot of charity navigator that will do solicitations on their website that say one thing and then when you follow the money they see something very different. and i think one of the things the donors often get upset about is that they are being told ex is going to occur but you h
in the global economy. the pentagon says china is behind most of the cyber attacks. they are stealing information like private information. president obama is meeting with ceos to get their ideas on how the government can better work with the private sector to improve the countries cyber security. u.s. intelligence officials likened the chinese cyber threats to those coming from al qaeda and iran and it's expected to get worse in the next two years. >> we have seen the attacks on wall street over the last six months grow significantly. over 140 of those attacks. >> reporter: we know this morning the pentagon is creating a large team to defend the attacks. i also got in touch with my white house contact to find out if any bay area ceo's would be at this afternoon's meeting. i'll have updates on both when i see you next hour. live in washington kyla campbell. >>> a young couple in mendocino county is facing serious charges in a disturbing child endangerment case. police arrested 23-year-old samantha devalle and ray mobbed maybery on monday. the woman's toddler was taken to the hospital
fragile recovery while recanting pentagon -- protecting pentagon spending. they encourage corporations to send american jobs offshore. i think we all agree that a budget is a moral document, or at least it should be a moral document. i have in my hand a letter from a little girl. she wrote to me. she is six years old. she lives in oakland, california. she has a simple message for our committee. she says, "please help hungry children." it is the true measure of our nation of how we treat our poor, seniors, and especially children like this little girl. she gets it. if there is one hungry child in america, this committee, this budget has failed to do its job. this budget will not only help help -- not help hungry people, but that more people at risk of being hungry. it'll put seniors at risk. this is not who we are. >> thank you. now to talk about how this budget protects special interests at the expense of the middle class, i will recognize congressman for five minutes. >> thank you. this should be a discussion we are focusing on areas of agreement and progress. healthcare reform not on
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